« Où va le blanc quand fond la neige ? » anonyme(24975)

Mali Genest [23944]

Born in 1961 in Lausanne, where she lives and works.

Since 1989, she has been devoting her time to art, focusing mainly on the body – a body that is dematerialized, fragmented, transcended and that, before being an envelope, carries the permanence of its history with
it. The artist’s representations are at the same time symbolic and sensory. They are expressed through different techniques, such as punching, assembling and accumulating.

Her works have been exhibited on several occasions and at different places, including: Viceversa, Lausanne; HEAD in Geneva; McB-A “Accrochage” in Lausanne; Espace Arlaud

in Lausanne; Galerie E.S.F in Lausanne; Galerie Isabelle Getaz, Mont-sur-Rolle and Galerie Davel 14, Cully.